hey, i'm sky.
twenty-three. east coast nomad. tree hugger.
i try my best to be optimistic,
and i'm working on saving the world.

i hear it all, breathe it all, see it all..
but for the life of me,
i can't figure it all out.

Left: Late December 2013
Middle: January 11, 2014
Right: February 15, 2014

In less than three months, I have made leaps toward feeling strong, lean, and good in my skin.

I’ve been eating well, and doing push/pull/leg circuits at the gym. I have been pushing myself harder than I ever did in college, and at 22 am trying to finally get the body I’ve dreamt of. I’ve spent too long saying “Oh, I’ll get there..” The only thing I haven’t liked about my body since having top surgery 4 years ago is my lack of muscle and lack of muscle definition.

So I decided to make it a focus this year, to start exercising more deliberately, to read novels while doing cardio, to join a gym (hey, turns out paying for it makes me want to go more than when it was free ;) and to not care what the bigger, stronger, cismale guys in the free weight room think!

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